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Two men and a women having sex

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The brutal punishment was carried out in Banda Aceh, the only province in Indonesia that carries out Sharia law. The woman was seen bowing her head as she knelt on the ground as she was sentenced to lashes.

The barbaric practice is also used as a punishment for people caught gambling or drinking alcohol. The first man was pictured closing his eyes as he prepared to be caned times for having sex outside of marriage.

The photos come just weeks after a man was picture docllapsing in agony from being caned in a similar ritual.

An execution ceremony in Iran sees a woman release the man who murdered her son, Abdolah Hosseinzadeh from the noose. Footage from Banda Aceh of other floggings shows cheering crowds as men and women are struck with wooden canes between their shoulder blades.

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Images from the punishment show people writhing in pain and contorting their faces as masked religious police strike. EPA A woman was whipped times for having sex outside of marriage in Indonesia.

Religious police flogged the four people in a public square as crowds looked on. Men and women are banned from having sex outside of marriage. People who are caught breaking the law face a penalty of up to lashes.

Havnig religious police officer, dressed head to toe in black, was seen wielding the cane. EPA A masked religious police officer caned the woman as people watched on. A second man was whipped nine times for gambling.

Play slideshow. EPA This man was forced to endure lashes for having sex outside marriage.

EPA Religious police caned this man nine times for gambling. He was beaten by masked religious police to the point that he collapsed in pain.

Sharia Law.