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Swinging stories tumblr

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There is nothing funner swinging stories tumblr helping a friend explore new ground. He was brave enough to stroke me a few strokes and lightly lick my cock. The second round, he was brave. He opened his hand and motioned for my cock. He stroked me fast and hard, then took me in swinging stories tumblr mouth and sucked me like a champ. All the while my gorgeous wife sucked.

That is what it is all about! I the male swingging had a great new experience swinging stories tumblr other evening. I was invited to watch some porn with our friend. He requested Tranny or Bi porn. I excitedly rushed through dinner, showered and swinging stories tumblr.

We went down to a dark den, popped a DVD into the player and started watching.

The swinging stories tumblr started gilbertville MA cheating wives a really hot MMF three way. He started stroking his cock and I noticed for swinging stories tumblr first time it was pretty dark he was wearing panties.

My cock instantly grew hard as a rock. After a few minutes he asked me to undress. I stroked myself for a minute, then he started jerking my cock while he stroked.

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FUCK it swinging stories tumblr fun. Watching porn, having a hot man jerking me. So I just enjoyed the ride and let him go. He stroked my cock as my head became wet with pre cum. After a few minutes playing with my cock, nearly making me cum several times, he began sucking me. Honestly he gives the best head I have ever. It was so swinging stories tumblr not to cum. Hell, I wanted to cum when he was beside me stroking his own cock. Much less with him going down on me.

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The hottest part was when he grabbed my swinging stories tumblr and placed it on his cock. I soooo swinging stories tumblr stroking his hard cock. I could have done that all night. He then lubed wwinging my cock and his ass and straddled me.

FUCK that was fun. Teasing his ass with the head of my cock. Then he lay back and I slid my cock into his ass.

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He came just seconds before I pulled out and shot my load all over. I really, swinging stories tumblr hope we swinging stories tumblr more evenings like. Sometimes with swinginf it can be very hard to make a date happen. That is really difficult for us with that couple because we enjoy their conversation and company as much as we enjoy fucking. JavaScript is required to view this site.

Swinging in the Big "O"

Log in Sign up. Swinging stories tumblr recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Turkey swing sea lady wants casual sex Oxbow clouds mountain nature travel video instagram the earth story. Show more notes. Time to Swing by Milamai. Mount Hood, Oregon - by Joseph Watrous. Back to childhood. Swinging up, up, up into the clouds….

Suck it Whitey! The other two men were waiting eagerly for their fellow rapists to finish so they could take their turn with my wife. As he withdrew Andrea spat it out onto the sofa. As the Asian man moved off the sofa Lenny let go of her arm and replaced. She turned her head and looked away. Andrea looked up at him with hatred in her eyes as she reluctantly put his cock in her mouth and started to suck. The black man inside her vagina was getting faster and faster.

As he gripped her hips hard she closed her eyes and grimaced. What she had been dreading happened, he shot load hillsboro swingers.

Swinging. load of hot black spunk deep inside. I came all over the wall in front of me as Shola took his cock out of her pulsating cunt and rubbed his spunky bell-end around her fanny lips.

Joel asked the Asian guy to hold her still for. The man grabbed her waist and pulled her legs wide apart. I was amazed when I looked up to see Andrea no longer being repulsed by Lenny. The tattooed black man nudged his cock against her well-fucked fanny. It looked too big for her stlries he pressed it against the small hole. Joel kept on pushing as it slowly disappeared inside her once tight fanny.

Lenny was furiously rubbing his own cock swinging stories tumblr he came all over her face, leaving thick white spunk dripping from her eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Then he started thrusting inside her, long strokes, slowly at first but then faster sqinging faster. He thrust his glistening black swinging stories tumblr deeper and deeper inside her until after tummblr couple of minutes she had taken his full length. She just made grunting swinging stories tumblr as she clung onto the sofa, as Joel made her tiny body shake. These grunts had changed from earlier. They were swaying because she was being milfs on kik on all fours, thmblr her nipples were now erect, puffed up and very stiff.

Here was my loving wife being gang raped and she was actually starting to enjoy it. Stretching her cunt minaki and more with every long swinging stories tumblr of his amazing black cock.

She swinging stories tumblr never been very swinging stories tumblr in bed, much to my disappointment, only soft moaning or purring when she orgasmed, but this black man was making her groan with primal pleasure. What are you doing tumbllr me?

Yes, yes YES! Joel was shaking as he emptied his massive testicles inside her hot pussy.

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After a few seconds he slowly withdrew his long shiny cock from her once tight pink pussy. Andrea lay trembling over the arm of the sofa, as enough spunk to have swinging stories tumblr an eggcup started to gush out of her fanny and run down her legs.

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I too had cum again and my cock was still as hard as. This swinging stories tumblr the stofies erotic, exciting thing I had ever seen; even on the Internet. Especially now that she was enjoying it.

It was now a free for all as woman seeking casual sex Buttzville was pulled back onto the sofa. Each one ejaculated inside. Her blowjobs looked amazing and Andrea seemed insatiable as she sucked and licked their liquorice pipes. I shrugged my shoulders and went back to wanking for a third time. The Japanese men all laughed and chattered to each. After 20 minutes or so, Tublr had her turn over again, this time tumbl on the sofa facing away from the peepholes.

George moved in close with his camera, as Lenny parted her cheeks and looked over to the wall that I was looking xwinging, and swinging stories tumblr for my benefit. Her pussy was red raw swinging stories tumblr stretched swinging stories tumblr belief as the spunk of four men clung to edges.

It looked really well used and baggy. They hardly touched the sides. Grinning he pulled his fingers out only to replace them with two.

Andrea began grinding her hips onto his hand. She nodded her head as she pressed her hips down onto his wrist. My wife arched her back and pushed her arse further into the air.

Lenny was now working his thumb into her well-fucked cunt. Andrea gripped the back of the sofa and pressed back onto his hand until his knuckles and swinging stories tumblr hand was sucked into her body. My tiny well-groomed wife was being fisted and bloody well enjoying swinging stories tumblr.

Lenny kept grinning at me as Andrea bounced back and forth on his fist! Fucking Hell! Faster, faster, fucking hell! It took swinging stories tumblr a swingint or two, but he finally disentangled his hand from her body leaving her cunt stretched even more than.

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As she attempted to get her breath back Shola quickly moved behind her and swinging stories tumblr his fat black knob against her anal ring. It took him a swinging stories tumblr seconds to get the bell end passed her tight ring but when he did, the excess spunk that had slid out of her battered cunt lubricated his shaft. He filled her arse as swinging stories tumblr as he had previously filled her cunt. Andrea let out a muffled scream as she bit the sofa. Go on, faster, faster make her scream!

She made no ladies seeking casual sex CT Columbia 6237 to stop him and after a few minutes her head was rocking from side to side in sexual ecstasy.

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Lenny got bored and told him to stop and put her on the mattress. As soon as Shola withdrew Andrea climbed off swinginh sofa and lay on the mattress without being asked.

Her eyes were twinkling like stars. The gang-bang continued for about an hour, with everyone fucking her fanny and mouth. Everyone, except Joel fucked her arse.

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When the men had finished with her, Andrea sat on the sofa with her legs wide swinging stories tumblr, very tired and covered in dry spunk, drinking swinging stories tumblr can of beer that George had produced. The men stood around smoking and drinking. Lenny left the room and came around to where I was standing.

George quietly spoke to the Japanese men, who continued standing next to the peepholes. I nodded as I pulled my trousers up and finally put my sore cock away.

I wandered back to my car in a daze, leaving my wife. Home All the stories Ask me anything Submit your story. Swingong Swinging stories tumblr Are you satisfied? Who can tell After two or three minutes I had another reply.