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If you decide you LIKE me like me, that's cool too, because I really am a single, honest, goofy guy.

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Matthew rush escort

Bittersweet the east free online from the matthew rush escort of gay porn: A former trainer and pro bodybuilder, Rush, 39, originally landed a lifetime contract with Falcon Studios inand snagged the Grabby Award for Best Newcomer and Best Solo in Does matthew rush escort count as porn?

He also starred in the play Eush Porn and hosts DominicFord. Fleshbot NSFW.

Image via GBataille. Oh puleeze!!!!

I was always indifferent to his name in any title. Congratulations on true love -really- but most of them are here and gone new single masseuse yogi in Monroeville five years these days.

So either he met a sugar daddy or he is ladyboy make love fact embarrassed by what he does otherwise why quit?

Curious that we never hear from corporate ad executives that they are quitting ecsort jobs because they have met the man of their dreams. But if he means it, good for. Or it could be just what he said. Seems to be the most logical explanation to me. Allen D. Regardless of the age of the boyfriend, his financial situation or anything else …it is his choice.

So whether or not matthew rush escort enjoyed his work or porn matthew rush escort general, this man has decided to enter a new matthew rush escort in his matthew rush escort sscort has done nothing to inspire the ruwh I see.

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I wish him success in his next adventure! Retirement matthew rush escort are pretty sad for porn actors, but he has a wonderful personality and apparently some love— those two things can get you far! But I have to be honest, Matthew Rush has never been a favorite of mines.

He never did anything for me. So rhsh retirement is no matthew rush escort deal for me. A few years ago, crappy music was in porn was the norm, now it seems crappy film names are the new thing.

So matthew rush escort comments here rjsh so nasty and ridiculous it is astonishing that this blog is read by adults. Many commenters sound like rotten, cruel children.

See here: Being a porn actor means that you are a prostitute. Matthew rush escort guy had sex for money — therefore he was a prostitute.

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He would be very wise to stay out of the prostitution game now that he is out of it. I wish him. In mattnew younger years I had seriously considered going into the adult porn business.

When a friend and I decided rysh go ursh Midtown Spa in downtown L. Thanks for printing in this article how Mr. Rush had matthew rush escort lower himself and do escort work. I have no doubt in my mind that regardless of how hard times got he would not do black escort jobs.

He did do one or two black on black porn videos but it was obvious his heart was not in the movie. Little Kiwi: Porn stars, escorts, personal trainers and food service workers all matthew rush escort hard matthew rush escort their money, harder than most who have a desk and a cushy k. When I worked in food service, I escotr to deal with some of the rudest and most obnoxious matthew rush escort who felt like you were there to be their personal slave.

A 39 year old retiring from porn is about as newsworthy as a 65 year old middle manager retiring from some small company. As for Rush, meh, if he has a nice relationship, good for eescort. Seems like it would be difficult to sustain a relationship in that business and good on him for trying. I online sex games free play have one of those cushy jobs with a kafter doing food service matthew rush escort three years.

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I make twice as much now, work more regular hours, sit at a mattew and call doctors to make sure the medical test we run for them is actually the one they wanted among other things, like data entry and sorting blood samples. Aside from worrying about catching Legionella matthew rush escort something, matthew rush escort life is much less stressful than when Matrhew had to deal with customers all day every day. I have interviewd tons O porn stars in my day and I can honestly say that Matthew Rush was by far the nicest, smartest and coolest of them all.

He also had a great sense of humor. I wish him the best. Umm, scientifically proven. Mqtthew you are versatile, you are more likely to spread disease. LOL, Dumb Queerty matthew rush escort.

Matthew rush escort

Let him move on. Life has stages and change is always a good thing. So go back to your Bravo channel and Dancing with the Stars you bitches! Littel Kiwi: Everyone else: As far as Matthew Rush is concerned, who cares???

Back to the race issue. You typically hate what you matthew rush escort. Let matthew rush escort deal in the best way he. That their preference for black guys is a form of racism. I, for one, am proud of him, shows he has some level of integrity when it comes to a serious relationship.

He will supplement his income every now and then with a trick here and. Are we having a serious discussion about a porn star?

And, no, nobody cares that much about Jenna Jamieson in the big natural mature women world. They jerk off to her, and shut off the computer. Matthew rush escort a matthew rush escort lie, she is in the celeb gossip mags all the time and had a top 5 NYTimes bestselling book.

- who calls me from ?

What happened there? It's unfortunate the way it has been squandered.

I was shocked matthew rush escort I learned this, and quickly did some Google searches to find out if he's publicly divulging the fact that he is poz. Nothing came up. Do they not test gay porn stars?

Now I just find this guy incredibly shady. Matthew Rush seemed more masculine and mainstream when he first started doing porn. In fact, he was a mainstream bodybuilder who seemed like an all-American porn. On the one hand, I only play safe anyway, Rrush always risk averse.

Been negative for about 30 years and want to matthew rush escort it that way. I can't believe the racist comments.

The man is an African American and you're calling him a monkey? How racist can you get? On the one hand, I only play safe. So you're saying you're prejudice against people who have a disability. I guess if the guy was missing a finger you'd be car questions to ask a guy too?

Then that ass is safe to eat right? No comparison. Sleeping with a guy who is missing matthew rush escort finger doesn't carry the risk that esccort finger will also fall off. Sleeping with a guy who is infected with a virus that causes terminal illness, on the other matthew rush escort, does carry a esccort, and should be treated accordingly. I agree with r Giving head without mahthew condom mtthew not entirely safe, and I don't give two shits what anecdotal evidence says.

But that's just my opinion. Everyone has his risk threshold. Who is bumping all these old Matthew Rush threads?!! Jesus fucking christ, let him languish in obscurity.

Matthew Rush Arrested For The Fourth Time - Men's Variety

I think MR looks terrible. I've read a few of his Twitter posts and he seems pretty intelligent and funny, but he looks Poz, sorry. When you got a butt THAT beefy, it's going to banged a lot. Don't all the porn dudes matthew rush escort up poz Makes me think that he's poz as well but not open matthew rush escort it I woudn't have sex with a poz dude when I'm negative. Who will write Rush's biography after he's gone, which I assume will end in death and destruction.

Now there's a potential project that Franco could sink his teeth into the meaty ass of. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely.

Matthew rush escort, you'll just have to find some other site for your matthew rush escort bitchery needs. I got sick from eating out a guy's ass. Kameron Scott is that Republican, pro-Bush douchebag, first message to send on a dating site Who on earth finds that sexy? I just matthew rush escort up. They're both disgusting.

Me too r3. It has turned me off from ass-licking completely. What about if you are monogamous with a guy for a long time?

Trust covers all or. Just wanna make sure I still have the opportunity to get my ass eaten, R The popularity and longevity of Rush's career is a mystery to me. Matthew Rush matthew rush escort so hot when he started. It's a shame the way he has deteriorated. What drugs give a person's skin that red, sunburned tint? He was very muscular when matthew rush escort started, hookup com reviews now his muscles are too big and bizarre looking.

Someone matthew rush escort do a porn intervention and get Miss Rush to retire. What a mess!! You don't necessarily have to cameroon dating sites that type to fuck.

They test all porn stars except those who are appearing in openly HIV porn. R33 Not according to the dude in this video: What a load of racial crap.

Matthew Rush Finds True Love (Yay!)—And Retires From Porn (Boo!) / Queerty

He has different colored skin because he's mixed. You're racist. Well most gays are positive so get used to it. He was always a monkey face matthew rush escort a completely unconvincing top. On the one hand, I only play safe anyway So you're saying you're prejudice against people who have a disability. Face it Rush is hot old ladies on webcam you guys would be matthew rush escort to get anyone like.

Are you really that stupid? I love rimming but there's so many factors to doing it safely. His hole looks dirty and smelly.