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Physical Rehab Center in Columbus and Cincinnati OH

When you seek an individualized approach to non-surgical physical medicine, rely on the certified experts at Buckeye Physical Medicine & Rehab. Our quality health care programs ensure that you receive the treatment you need to recover and achieve optimal physical efficiency. When you experience pain from an accident or injury, opt for Buckeye Physical Medicine & Rehab.

Your Choice for Physical Rehabilitation

Our healthcare facility is certified by the Bureau of Workers Compensation and is the chiropractic choice for local sporting teams. We offer the expertise to exceed your expectations, offering comprehensive physical therapy for a range of clientele. Whether you are a professional athlete or your children play in a local league, our staff has the skills and experience to deliver state-of-the-art treatments that restore your physical well-being.

Physical Pain Therapy Services - Nonsurgical Physical Rehab

Our chiropractic staff is highly trained, delivering services that exceed your expectations. We put you on the road to recovery through excellent pain management education and long-term solutions to your physical suffering. Through our comprehensive physical therapy programs, patients are able to control their levels of discomfort, allowing them to enjoy life as it was before.

8 Convenient Locations to Help You Start Living Pain Free, Physical Rehab Center Columbus and Cincinnati OH

Physical Rehabilitation Center in Columbus and Cincinnati OH

We provide a relaxed environment where you undergo specialized programs, helping you get back on track and get to your daily routine. Trust in knowing that we make every effort to exceed your expectations, delivering first-rate treatments that are professional and affordable. Let us make a difference in your life! We offer the following types of physical rehabilitation services:

 Pain Management  
 Physical Therapy  
 Massage Therapy 
 Occupational Therapy 


Benefits of Physical Rehab from Buckeye

Our professionals offer a unique approach to physical rehab in Columbus and Cincinnati. We deliver hands-on, multi-faceted techniques that strengthen your stamina and overall physicality. In addition, we educate you about all your options for physical therapy that gets you back to your activities faster and reduces your health care costs.

Best Pain Management

We take an active role in helping our patients manage their pain. Our first-rate chiropractic care doctors are highly trained to offer services that can improve many areas needing rehabilitation. That's one reason why our facility is where many sports professionals come to work with us on their pain management issues. Our Columbus and Cincinnati pain management centers continue to work with pros from the following:


 Columbus Clippers

 Columbus Destroyers
 Columbus Blue Jackets

8 Convenient Locations

Buckeye Physical Medicine & Rehab offers 8 convenient locations so you can receive physical therapy services wherever you are throughout Ohio. Our healthcare establishment is where the pros go! We accept insurance from most major carriers in addition to Medicare® and Medicaid® (non-narcotics). 

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We also proudly service clients in Grove City, Hilliard, Gahanna, Heath, and Forest Park, OH.